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YIOT Covid Guidelines (Last Updated April 12, 2021)

Please note our Minyan Attendance Guidelines and Procedures, including registration of guests of a member of YIOT.  Our Return to Shul committee and Medical Advisory panel are doing their best to make every minyan safe and enjoyable. We thank you for keeping our community safe and healthy. 

In accordance with updated COVID-19 guidelines released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for people that are vaccinated, the medical advisory panel has modified YIOT quarantine policy.

1. Individuals who have an exposure to someone who is Covid-19 positive are no longer required to quarantine before returning to shul IF they meet the following all of the following criteria:

·      The exposure occurred at least 14 days following receipt of the second Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccination dose or at least 14 days following the receipt of the single dosage Johnson & Johnson vaccine; AND

·      The individual was fully vaccinated within 90 days of the exposure; AND

 ·      The individual is completely asymptomatic.

 2. In accordance with the CDC, fully vaccinated individuals (two weeks past your second vaccine or two weeks post J&J) no longer need to quarantine after domestic travel and may attend minyan.

3. Anyone who has had Covid-19 within the last ninety days and is more than 10 days removed from the onset of symptoms, and is currently asymptomatic, is no longer required to quarantine following a COVID-19 exposure or travel.

 4. All individuals who do not fall into categories 1-3 are required to quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to shul following overnight travel outside of the NJ/NY/CT/PA/DE region OR following exposure to a Covid-19 positive individual.

5. Any children or teens who are not vaccinated and traveled outside of the NJ/NY/CT/PA/DE region must follow the 14 day quarantine policy prior to attending Shul or Shul programs including any youth programs. There is no testing out.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, all individuals, including those who are vaccinated, must continue to maintain all social distancing, masking, and hand hygiene guidelines in shul or at outdoor shul events. The presence of new strains of virus makes the continuation of all these mitigation measures as essential as ever.  It is absolutely prohibited for one who is awaiting COVID test results to enter the shul building or outdoor minyan location. If you do not feel 100% well, then you must stay home so as not to endanger all those around you. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated should stay home if a household member is ill.

 The medical advisory panel will continue to monitor the health situation as they have been over the course of the last year and shul policy will be adjusted as warranted.  Questions about YIOT health and safety guidelines may be addressed to

Please know that guidelines are constantly changing so please stay informed of the latest updates.

All guests and members MUST register in advance to join  any Shabbat/Yom Tov MINYAN. Registration is done online weekly.  For weekday minyanim there is no advance registration. 

Both Shabbat and Weekday Minyanim include an agreement to the following conditions:  

Young Israel of Teaneck 
Minyan Attendance Guidelines and Procedures

·         I am a member of YIOT or a guest of a member of YIOT.

·         I am over the age of Bar/Bat Mitzvah (or my Bar/Bat Mitzvah is imminent)

Note: Space permitting, parents may bring to shul children below Bar/Bat Mitzvah provided they are old enough (approximately 8-9 years old) to sit quietly with a mask on the entire time.

·         I am not currently exhibiting any signs of illness (including fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea)

·         I am not presently subject to a quarantine based on recent travel, or exposure to someone infected with COVID.

·         I will not attend Shabbat/Yom Tov minyan without a reservation for the specific time and location.

·         I agree to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose while attending minyan. (Masks with exhalation valves are NOT acceptable.)

·         I agree to wash hands at home before and after davening for disinfection purposes.

·         I agree to only enter the building to attend minyan at the specific time and location for which I am registered.

·         I do not and will not hold Young Israel of Teaneck responsible for any illness or injury.

Wed, April 14 2021 2 Iyyar 5781