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Chessed Committee

We are very lucky to be part of such a unique community—one that truly extends themselves to their friends and neighbors in good times and in more difficult times.


We would like to inform you of exactly what we do so that if you or someone you know has a need, you will feel comfortable getting in touch with us. We have also seen how many people so beautifully offer to help out friends in times of need.  We respectfully ask that if you are organizing help for someone with these types of needs, please let us know, so that we don’t duplicate the efforts. 
Please know that the committee keeps everything very confidential.
Please feel free to contact Chani Krohn (201-446-0239) or  for any of the needs listed below and she will inform the appropriate member or you can call the specific member directly.

  • Any need that requires immediate help (ride to a doctor appointment, someone to watch kids in a case of emergency, etc.): Devorah Schatz (201-657-2648)

  • Any needs relating to Shiva: Marsha Friedman (201-837-0072).

  • Someone who is ill--whether in the hospital or at home--and would like visitors, meals or any type of assistance: Chani Krohn (201-446-0239)

  • If you know of someone who is home alone and would appreciate more visitors or Shabbos meals with others: Robin Mendelson (201-694-5901): 

 We have also had some amazing chesed events for families in the shul - such as our Tikkun Olam tour, visit to the Jewish Home at Rockleigh, and our most recent 5K and color run to raise money for tzedaka!! 

We need help planning more events. If you are interested in participating please contact Devorah Weinstien (646-220-2064.)

Wed, August 15 2018 4 Elul 5778