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אל תקרי בניך אלא בוניך

"Refer to us not only as your Children, but as your Builders"

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Dedication Opportunities

Check out the Dorot Tree campaign


YIOT Expansion from Achi Adamit on Vimeo.

In Jewish communities across the world, the shul is the central force that knits families together into one tapestry. The Young Israel of Teaneck binds us together as well, as our place to daven, as our community center and as the heartbeat of our neighborhood. It is a place where every member is valued and important.


As our community has grown at an exponential pace, so have our needs. We have outgrown our facility and at this critical juncture, it is incumbent upon us to be forward looking. We want to acknowledge and continue on with the successes of the past, but we ask you to partner with us to build for the future.


Our goal is to further advance the future of our community, by proudly launching a $3.75 million expansion campaign. It is a tremendous undertaking and we need 100% participation to make this a reality. We suggest a minimum $5,000 donation from each family to make this come to fruition and build our new home, but are relying on you to give as generously as you can.


We look forward to a large number of member families generously pledging at higher levels, and we will continually inscribe those families in our Scroll of Honor (available in our newsletter).


To view dedication opportunies available in the new Shul, please see our newsletter. 


Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says “Hashem lives in builders not buildings.” The structure of Hashem's building is important, but we are the ones who truly house Him." Bring Hashem into your hearts and fulfill this mitzvah with pride and joy. Join us. Create a legacy. Be a builder.


Instructions on Pledging and Donating

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Thank you for considering donating to Young Israel of Teaneck.

4 Ways to Donate!

1) Donate or pledge through the YIOT website

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Log in to your online account and come back to this page to donate or pledge using the form below. In order to add a pledge to your account, you must be logged into your account. Please be sure to select "Bill To My Account" on the checkout page. If you do not have an account, you can still donate below.

2) Donate through PayPal

Avoid a transaction fee. Click here for instructions:

3) Donate with Stock

Avoid capital gains tax and still obtain a charitable deduction by donating appreciated stock. You can transfer your (Long Term) appreciated securities to the Young Israel of Teaneck's brokerage account, allowing you to receive a tax deduction while avoiding capital gains taxes if you were to sell the securities. Please consult your tax advisor to determine if this method would be ideal for you. If you are interested in contributing appreciated securities, please contact for the relevant information to initiate a transfer.

4) Donate by Mail

Mail a check to YIOT, PO Box 418, Montvale, NJ 07645 with the memo: “Expansion”


YIOT Expansion Fundraiser Form
Pledges of $5,000 or more will be included in our Scroll of Honor. Please see our newsletter for the latest Scroll of Honor.
1 Year: 2019
2 Years: 2019-2020
3 Years: 2019-2021
Please indicate which item from our dedication menu you would like to dedicate and the dedication language you would like to use. At this time we can not guarantee availability of an item. For any questions, please contact

If yes, please provide submission instructions.

Contact Information
Wed, January 26 2022 24 Shevat 5782