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YIOT's PayPal Giving Fund (No Credit Card Fees)

At Young Israel of Teaneck, we strive to make donating as seamless as possible, while still being fiscally responsible.

For the last few years, our members have been able to make payments and donations to the shul through credit cards online. The downside to the use of credit cards is the transaction fee charged. Whether the shul pays this fee or the donor does, either way it is effectively an expense borne by the membership, and runs in the thousands of dollars annually.


Donating via the PayPal Giving Fund allows a donor to pay with a linked credit card while not incurring a transaction fee for the donor or the shul. All you need is a PayPal account.


When you make a donation through our link at the PayPal Giving Fund, the Young Israel of Teaneck will receive 100% of your donation, with no credit card fee charged. Similar to the Jewish Communal Fund and other charitable funds, the PayPal Giving Fund is a non-profit to which people can make donations, and which, in turn, donates to the named charity, in this case the Young Israel of Teaneck. PayPal will transfer the money to the Young Israel of Teaneck once a month (in the month after the donation is made), so there will be approximately a one month delay in the funds being received and the donation being credited to your account. This transaction will appear on your credit card statement as PayPal * GIVING FUND.


As a bonus, PayPal will match 1% of all donations made via the PayPal Giving Fund during November 27 - December 31, 2018. This is another great reason to donate before the end of the year.



to donate to Young Israel of Teaneck via the PayPal Giving Fund. On the PayPal Fund site, please keep the box checked that states "Share my name and email with this charity."


Unfortunately, the PayPal Giving Fund does not seem to offer a way to notate a message with the donation. So please forward your receipt from PayPal to, or in the case of a donation toward expansion, to Please indicate your name and the purpose of your donation (e.g., dues, sponsorship, expansion), so we can credit your account appropriately.

Please remember to check your account with the shul by logging in at


Thank you!

Wed, June 26 2019 23 Sivan 5779