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Thank you for your interest in renting the YIOT for your upcoming event. Please review the following information before filling out the Rental Application. This form is to be used to express your interest in renting from YIOT. Once we receive your submission, our team will review and reach out to you to discuss and confirm your event.
Please note, your event is not booked until final review with the YIOT and submission of the Rental Contract.

The below form is for information gathering purposes and date availability only. The YIOT will reach out to you to discuss your event in greater detail prior to confirmation and booking of your event. 

Reservations are accepted a maximum of TWO YEARS before the English date.

Please list who should be contacted should any issues or questions arise.



  • How much does it cost to rent a room?
  • YIOT Rental Fees Member Associate Member
    Shabbat Rentals    
    Social Hall 1 meal

    Full Room $850

    Half Room $680

    Full Room $1,100

    Half Room $880

    Social Hall 2 meals

    Full Room $1,200

    Half Room $960

    Full Room $1,400

    Half Room $1,120

    Social Hall 3 meals

    Full Room $1,450

    Half Room $1,160

    Full Room $1,650

    Half Room $1,320

    Shalom Zachor $180 $200
    Public Kiddush/Shalosh Seudot No Rental fee No Rental Fee
    Weekday Rentals (Non Shabbat)    
    Social Hall (2 hour event)

    Full Room $780

    Half Room $625

    Full Room $980

    Half Room $785

    Social Hall (3 hours or more)

    Full Room $1,150

    Half Room $920

    Full Room $1,400

    Half Room $1,120

    Bris $500 $750
    Main Sanctuary only $275 $750
    Beit Midrash $250 $275
    Classrooms (No kitchen use)    
    Single classroom 1 hour $75 $85
    Double classroom 1 hour $125 $140
    Single classroom 2 hours $125 $140
    Double classroom 2 hours $180 $200
    Single classroom 3 hours $165 $180
    Double classroom 3 hours $250 $275
    Wedding Rental TBD TBD
    Sukkah Rental TBD TBD
    Additional Fees:
    $500 Security Deposit that is returned post event if contract followed.

    $280 Mashgiach Fee for Friday night dinner or Shabbat lunch.

    $180 Mashgiach Fee for Bris, Melava Malka, Shiva or Sheva Brachos.

    50% Rental Deposit: 180+ days before an event for a full refund, 90-180 days for a half refund and less than 90 days no refund.
  • Can I bring my own caterer?
  • You may choose an RCBC approved outside vendor to cater your kiddush. If you do choose this option, you must hire staff to setup, serve and cleanup in addition to any catering costs.
  • Can I bring my own food?
  • No outside food is permitted unless sealed with an appropriate hechsher. Please Contact Us discuss further. 
  • How big is the room? How many tables can I fit in the room?
  • The room is approximately 40'x55'. Depending on room configuration, the room can hold 20x 10 Top Tables.
  • How many tables and chairs can YIOT provide?
  • 12 of  6’x 18”

    10 of 6’ x 30” one piece solid

    5 of 6’ x 30” folding

    18 of 5’ rounds  (seats 8-10 people)

  • How many people does the room hold?
  • Depending on table configuration, the room can hold 200 Seated.
  • Do I need a mashgiach?
  • If it is not a shul-wide kiddush, then a mashgiach must be hired for your caterer to access our kitchen. We require a YIOT-approved mashgiach to be present when the kitchen is unlocked and when food is in the building. The mashgiach should be employed by the caterer. If your caterer is unable to provide one, you may hire our in-house caterer by contacting
  • How many parking spots do you have?
  • We have 28 regular and 2 handicap spots. There is plenty of street parking available as well.
  • Do you have a sound system / projector / wifi available?
  • Wifi and Power is available. We do not have any Audio or Video for rent. Renters are free to user their own equipment or bring in an outside vendor.
  • What's the difference between sponsoring a kiddush and a private kiddush?
  • Sponsoring a kiddush is for the whole shul and does not require room rental. A private kiddush requires a private rental.
  • How many people does a basic hot kiddush serve?
  • 225-250
  • Do you have a checklist of things to know before/during/after my event?
  • We do! Please click here.
  • I have questions about security and building access.
  • Details will be provided privately
  • My question isn't here. Who can I speak with to learn more?
  • Please click here to contact us.


YIOT Social Hall Layout (Click Here to download)

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