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Young Israel of Teaneck is an active shul with a number of committees. We welcome volunteers and new members of each committee. Please contact or the person below with questions or to join the committee. 

Adult Education Committee -- Daniel Lowe,

Aveilus/Bereavement Committee -- Eric Schwartz,

Chesed Committee -- Chani Krohn,

Chevra Kadisha -- Eric Schwartz(men), OR Naomi Landsman (women),

Directory -- Scott Reiss,

Expansion Committee -- Gabe Ruben,

Hospitality Committee (Prospective Families and Guests) -- A part of the Welcoming Committee, please see below. 

House Committee -- Shmuel Herman, OR Zvi Brukner,

Kiddush Committee -- Alon Stempel,

Kitchen -- Arin Lipman,

Lost and Found -- Jesse Schwartzman,

Meals (Newborns) -- Yoni Wilbur,

Men's Club -- Zach Goldglantz, OR Hezzy Jesin,

Memorial Plaques -- Jeffrey Traurig,

Mikvah -- Cyla Steinmetz, OR Brocha Gutlove,

Newsletter -- Alon Stempel,

Rentals/ Events -- Sarina Kerper,

Ritual Committee -- Rabbi Krohn, OR Dror Barber,

Security Committee -- Scott Reiss, OR Ari Lifschitz, 

Seforim -- Jeffrey Traurig,

Shaimos -- Michael Rosner,

Shidduch Committee -- Leah Shteingart,

Sisterhood -- Shelley Lefkowitz OR Shira Goldglantz,

Technology -- Eli Katz, OR Seth Dimbert,

Welcome Committee (New Families) -- Elana Katz,

Youth Committee -- Malki Gerstle, director, OR Rebecca Jesin, board liason,





Sun, February 25 2024 16 Adar I 5784