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Shabbos Shiurim

Parsha Shiur -- 8:30am.  Men and women are welcome. Given by David Bashevkin (in the social hall) or Ari Nat (groups room)

Hashkama Shiur --  9:00am. Men and women are welcome. Given by David Schwartz (in the board room)

Navi Club for Men -- 10am. All men are welcome. Given by Michael Gutlove  (in the social hall)

 Women's Torah Learning and Coffee -- after Youth Minyan (apx 10:15am) in rotating homes. All women are welcome. Contact for location or information. 

Women's Afternoon Shiur -- see bulletin for times (in various locations)

Masekhet Gittin Chabura --  Shabbos afternoon, see newsletter for details

Shalosh Seudot shiur -- see newsletter for times (in social hall)


Weekday Shiurim

Daf HaShavua --  HaShavuaThe Daf shiur  welcomes men and women to join at any time. The shiur is given Monday through Thursday at 6:00am in the Board Room. The YIOT Daf HaShavua class is also recorded. Join our WhatsApp group for shiur updates and recordings by emailing

Mincha/Maariv Shiur -- given Sunday through Thursday between mincha and maariv. See our calendar for mincha times. All are welcome.

Women's Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Krohn  -- on hiatus for the summer. This shiur normally meets during the school year on Mondays from 1:15pm to 2:00pm at the home of Janet & Lior Hod. All women are welcome.

Men's Chabura --  on hiatus for the summer. The Men's Chabura normally meets during the school year on Tuesday evenings at 9:15pm at various homes. See our weekly newsletter for details.


Rabbi Krohn Shiurim

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Wed, August 15 2018 4 Elul 5778