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Bar & Bat Mitzvah Programs


Bar Mitzvah Program

The YIOT Bar Mitzvah Program is an opportunity for boys in their Bar Mitzvah year (7th grade) to spend time as a group, learning with Rabbi Krohn for breakfast in preparation for their Bar Mitzvah. Come join Rabbi Krohn for learning. All boys in 7th grade are invited to participate, even if they have already celebrated their bar mitzvah. Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will take place immediately following the 8 am Shacharit. Contact Rabbi Krohn with any questions at

Sun 10/10 Why Wear a Yarmulka?

Sun 12/19 Why Do We Daven?

Sun 2/13 The Responsibility that Comes with Being Chosen

Sun 5/22 BBQ at the Krohn's

Bat Mitzvah Program

The YIOT Bat Mitzvah Program, coordinated by our rebbetzin, Chani Krohn, encourages girls in their Bat Mitzvah year (6th grade) to spend time as a group, as they are exposed to various chessed opportunities. The goal is to empower our young women to discover for themselves the areas of chessed that speak to them most. Contact Chani Krohn with any questions at

Sept, Yad Leah

Oct, Jewish Family and Children Services 

Dec, Friendship Circle

Feb, Jewish Home at  Rockleigh

May, Masbia Soup Kitchen

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784