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Click here for the YIOT Israel Emergency Fund.

YIOT's Israel Action Committee

Take immediate action:

What can I do right now?

Email Advocacy

Contacting members of Congress
to continue to support Israel
is critical, quick, and easy. Email our local representatives via this AIPAC link.

Make your voice heard

Telephone numbers for
Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez,
and Representative Josh Gottheimer
can be found here.

Provide much-needed support

Make a donation directly to the
YIOT Israel Emergency Fund.

Click here to donate.

What has the IAC done with donated funds so far?

$10,000 donated to
Lev LaChayal
for combat gear

$15,000 gifted to the
Jerusalem Civilian
Command Center

$6,000 provided to
Sayeret Golani for
night vision scopes

$6,000 sent to the
Ra’anana community’s Operation 5K Winter Jackets

So far, a total of $37,000 donated since the outbreak of the current conflict.

The war in Israel has brought about great need, and Jewish communities around the world have responded. There have been tremendous efforts to help support our brothers and sisters in Israel - from grassroots organizations, established nonprofits, individual projects and one-time donations. However, due to the intensity and quantity of the needs and causes, a communal need to cut through the confusion and uncertainty has arisen, and with it a need for guidance and unity during this time.

In response to the current situation in Israel and in an effort to streamline our communal Israel support, YIOT has established the YIOT Israel Action Committee (IAC).

The goals of the IAC are to both streamline and centralize all YIOT fundraising and programming related to Israeli causes, as well as unite the community around our Israel support and activity through educational programming and Israel advocacy. We will also be highlighting one organization per month, even as we continue to send donations to multiple organizations. The first organization that we would like to highlight is Lev LaChayal. We welcome suggestions for projects and organizations to support and will review them as they come through. 

If you have any questions, ideas or want to get involved, we welcome your input. Please reach out to a committee member or email us

Click here to donate directly to the
YIOT Israel Action Committee's
Israel Emergency Fund.


To streamline fundraising efforts, we are establishing an Israel Emergency Fund.

The Israel Emergency fund will be managed by the IAC together with Rabbi Krohn, and will assess, vet and designate projects to gift funds to on a monthly basis. The community will then receive updates on how the funds were used each month.

Highlight: Lev LaChayal - YIOT's IAC donated $10,000

The IAC's fundraising efforts have already resulted in a $10,000 to Lev LaChayal. This money was earmarked to provide approximately 10 IDF-approved vests and helmets for Sayeret Golani, a unit that is actively engaged in combat. We will provide further aid to Lev LChayal and/or similar causes in the coming weeks. 

An anonymous donor has graciously stepped forward, committing to match every dollar donated to the IAC from now until Chanukah. This means that your contribution will have double the impact, allowing us to make an even greater difference in supporting charitable initiatives in Israel.

Writing Letters to IDF Soldiers

On Sunday, October 22, YIOT members of all ages came to the Shul to write letters to the brave and heroic members of our community serving the in IDF. Yonatan Machado left for Israel that day and hand-delivered over 800 letters to our heroes! 


Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784