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Check out what the construction of our new home looked like! 


The Main Entrance

The Galleria

Main Sanctuary

Beit Midrash

Our new social hall being constructed!

A view from the social hall looking toward the galleria and main sanctuary.


Looking from the social hall to the patio area.

Someone Demolished the Basement, and we were FRAMED!

Basement Demolition






Kitchen & Social Hall Framing








Floor Poured





Social Hall Framing










Social Hall

Coat Room







Old to New
















Seepage Pits


The Galleria is Framed

Galleria with Social Hall on right

......and the Social Hall.......

Back of social hall.......

STEELing Home

Crane is ready for the steel















The Steel Goes Up!


Our new social hall! 

The kitchen will be the rectangular cement  walls on the right filled with dirt.

Social hall in front of it.


The Foundation is Ready

The Lower Level Cement Walls Go Up















Final Lower Level Wall Prep

Foundation wall construction



De-Struction Complete CON-struction Begins!

Getting the foundation walls ready!


Massive rocks while digging

The Hole Grows!

The hole is nearly complete!
The cone marks where the back wall will begin.


And a view from inside the hole looking up......

The Hole and The Pool

The hole gets bigger!

The original pool is found and dug up.

Pool debri....

  Pool Debri

...and a pool tile

The Wall Comes Down

The next step was to remove the back wall. You can see the stairwell is exposed and open.


Smashing the old concrete slabs with the excavator






Why the parking lot is closed

The hole gets larger and deeper

The hole is 14 feet deep next to the building. Here you can see the foundation of the current building. The entire back will be removed to add the gallery and social hall. We expect to haul away about 200 trucks of dirt! (We did not hit water -- that pump is because rain was expected that night -- we have an amazing construction crew!)

Views of 'The Hole'



Here is a sneak peek at what is happening behind that social hall door (which is off-limits).


A view looking down the hall at the former men's stairwell

The original basement wall








The former women's stairwell







The former men's stairwell

A view of the hallway from the women's stairwell to the men's. The social hall temporary wall is to the left.


What is that hole?

Digging the basement

DEMOLITION -- early February 2020

We started clearing out the beit midrash and groups rooms to prepare. Thank you to our many many volunteers who helped with moving, shlepping, storing, and discarding. Our community had the "house" portion ready for demolition.

The construction team came in and started removing walls, wiring, built a temporary wall, and separated the house portion from the main shul building. And then, it began -- 

The house is separated from the main shul building






The Beit Midrash is demolished.














Old beit midrash is gone.

.....and the house is down!

Our home for the coming months......

THE BEGINNING -- January 2020

January 2020 Groundbreaking

...and on a day in January, we had our last bris in the old building and construction equipment appeared
....a sign of new beginnings


We have plans. We have architectural drawings.
However, the drawings that mean the most
are those of our YIOT kids!

Share your child's construction drawings with

By Eitan S.

A magna-tile model of the new shul by Liana, Maya, and Caleb E.


Mon, August 15 2022 18 Av 5782