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Ice Cream Kiddush 2019

Raising the BAR on the ICE CREAM kiddush!

Whole Ice Cream Truck 
Jack and Emma Locke & The Hod Family 
Jasie Kids  

Ice Cream Bar 
Kramarz Kids 
The Weinberger Family
Reuven, Rachel, Eitan, and Michal Rosenbaum  

Siesser Kids
Sidney and Teddy Stiefel
Jonathan and Rebecca Zoe Lewis
Mordechai, Shoshana, and Atara Paley

Ice Cream Sandwich 
Ava and Zoe Steinberg 
David and Maya Wilbur 
Gavi, Zachy and Ella Horwitz 
Ella and Isaac Twersky 
Max, Shane and Mae Rosenberg 
Ezra and Max Hirschhorn 
Rebecca Albert 
Ari Spivack 
Jack and Emma Locke 
Hailey, Max and Jack Jesin 
Maya, Isabelle and Ryan Lavi 
Eliezer, Gedaliah, Shifra, Shoshana and Hillel Dimbert 
Olivia, Jordan and Evan Brukner 
Sarah Gutkin
Ari and Liam Solomon
The Perlmuter Family 
Mazin Kids 
Abby and Ben Wasserman  
Olivia, Liam, Madison, and Spencer Press  
Elie, Ayala and Tal Frank  
The Lifschitz Family  
Bailey and Eden Reiss  
Eric, Adam and Lauren Farbowitz  
Eric & Stevie  Roher
Nate, Ellie and Hannah Cukor 
Jared, Ethan, and Zoey Zakheim
The Feldman Girls  
Nathan Dayan  
Ella, Jakey and Serena Rosner
Jacob, Emma and Daniel Gerstle
Hailey and Annabelle Heller
Gavi, Liana and Caleb Yaros

Zevi and Kira Bashevkin
Yair Benharush  
Rachel, Nikki and Lauren Feld

Noah, Ezra & Liel Greenspan  
Parker & Isabella Menczer
Noah, Abby, Lily and Jordana Lowe
Ayelet, Ronit, Yair, Yechiel and Liat Novogrodsky
Amy, Danny, Evan and Nicole Mell
Lilly, Maya and Gemma Saltzman
Ayelet, Meira and Sarit Lorch
Ezra, Yonah, Devorah and Eliana Luber
Matthew, Abby and Hannah Ruben
The Major Kids

Ice Cream Pop 
Daniel and Shira Stempel 
Moshe Lieberman
Ben, Kayla and Abie Dalezman
Robbie, Asher, and Claire Heiss
Eitan, Maya & Talia Babich  
The Baron Kids
Phineas Bruno, Clara Sophia, & a Jaffe to be named later
Gabriel Caplan
The Weissman Boys

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Wed, June 26 2019 23 Sivan 5779