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Subject: From YIOT Sisterhood
Date: February 27th 2012

The deadline to send in your form for the YIOT Sisterhood Shalach Manot is this Friday, March 2nd. Please send your form (attached) to Jenny Horwitz at 791 John Street, ASAP!

The Young Israel Sisterhood is pleased to offer a Pesach Wine Sale. If you are interested in purchasing wine for Pesach please fill out the attached sheet adding a 20% donation where indicated. The deadline for orders is March 20! Any order over $200 (before donation) will be delivered to you.

Please note the following: The Goosebay Pinot Grigio and Elvi Sangria are not available this year for Pesach. Additionally, the Yarden Cabernet and Galil Yiron is the 2008 vintage which was the schmeeta.

Please feel free to contact Bonnie Silfen at with any questions.

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